Making Your Album Collection Work For You

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In this article we will take a look at the album feature on our business network and how it can work for you in connecting with the average everyday consumer as a business owner.

When it comes to social media marketing, whether you’re promoting your user profile or your business, album can be a very efficient means towards branding. Albums allow users to to combine multiple media types and formats into a single most. For the average everyday consumer, it is a great way to save and share memorize and events. When come to business, it’s a slightly a different ball game with the same goal. As a business owner or someone interested in the concept of branding, photo albums is a great way for you to generate leads which has the ability to turn into a sale. Welcome to BatalP include i social, the official business network designed to connect the average everyday consumer, with business owners from within their local community globally. We believe that such a significant relationship between businesses, the consumer and media can create a relationship that promotes true sustainability.

 As a business owner you must decided what type of marketing you’re doing and when it comes to social media, consider two types. Network marketing or leads and sales. In network marketing, independent person to person sales is at its core whereas lead generation and sales is more concerned with getting in touch then closing the sale and normally has a niche market. So on my business network, as a business owner, entrepreneur or average everyday consumer how can you use the albums feature on my business network to garner attention? here are a few tips. As with everything else everyone and everything on planet earth share one thing in common and that’s a will to survive. If we take a look into the insect and animal kingdom, with as little as they may have, in the most horrid condition they live, everything on planet earth wants to survive.

 Even the earth itself. Now when it comes to the average everyday consumer, we don't just want to survive that’s boring furthermore there are laws that preserve and protect our right to survive in our civilized modern day society. We want to live our best life and this is why we consume and have a desire to consume more and more and more. As a business owner, taking the previous factors into consideration, your album focus should not revolve around selling your product but more about how your product or service can have a positive impact on consumer lifestyle. In a nutshell, when you post your next banner or run an ad campaign send a message focused around consumer experience and creating your photo album is a fast and effective way to achieve this. Once you’ve created your marketing collateral material and organized them into an album consider sharing it to your stories so that your marketing collateral doesn’t get buried in a newsfeed shared by a thousands of other users.

Infomercial is another great way to get noticed via social media and what makes them so powerful is the amount of social proof it provide. To create your album on include i social simply select the create option from the top left hand corner and select

  1. create album
  2. name your album
  3. upload your individual photos
  4. save or publish