Monetize your writing

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In this article we list a variety of strategies used in the blogging industry. Create an account and start blogging today.

Welcome to modern day America. A place where the current annual inflation rate is around 2.5 percent, income inequality according to the consensus Bureau has reached its highest in fifty years, increasing from 48.2 in 2017 to 48.5 in 2018 plus an upcoming election. What hasn’t changed is everyone’s need for a little extra cash. Whether you’re a student in college, a high schooler saving for college or anyone who has an interest in writing should consider blogging. Whether it’s part-time, full time or self employed. There seems to be a market out there and in this article we will explore a variety of markets and strategies that you should be aware of.

A very common method used within the industry of bloggers is placing ads on their website.  A variety of networks are readily available to achieve this. Avenues such as Google ad sense, Chitika, Info links, and etc. Taking this route doesn’t bloggers to be in direct contact with advertisers. The only requirement is to simply place their banners on your site, the advertising agency such as Google, chooses ads relevant to your content, and your viewers click on the ads.........