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If you are in need of an account manager to take charge of managing your company's relationships with your customers building I am currently accepting new clients

Account Management


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Marketing as we know it today is undergoing an enormous change as we advance technologically. Regardless of the levels of advancement, it still is if not, more important today than ever before.  In a world of innovative products, services, technologies, solutions and a variety of business models, never forget, it takes twice as much financial resources to gain a client that it is to retain one. You remeber the old saying most business dont fail, they fail to plan. Most business owner and even Entreprenuers face quite a bit of marketing challenges. The ones i would like to focus on today are the lack of resources, including budget people and time, increased visibility and generating quality contacts, choosing the right social media platforms, consistent execution of marketing strategies, producing and delivering content and keeping up with the latest trends and technology.

As your account manager, my skill set revolve around sales and marketing. At times I also collaborate closely with customers and clients to ensure the organization is meeting their needs. I also have the ability to manage a company's relationships with its customers. When it comes to building long-term relationships and generally staying with my client for the long haul i'm that guy. My goal is to keep clients on accounts as long as possible. I may be in charge of finding new business, be assigned prospects, given accounts, or a combination thereof. Other tasks may involve project management, strategic planning, sales support, product design, service application, logistics, and marketing.

If you are in need of an account manager to take charge of managing your company's relationships with your customers building long-term relationships and generally stay with clients for the length of the relationship with your company, contact me or visit my business profile in the link below.


Brian R Connell