Special Thanks

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Welcome to the BatalP -ii-social media marketing radio announcements where we will give a special thanks for all Artists, promotional staff and associates for providing us with great exclusive content for our current and prospective listeners.

Welcome to BatalP ii social media marketing radio. I’m your host lord CEO Muk and I want to thank you guys for tuning in. For those of you just now tuning we’ve been up for quite some time actually a few months now, this is my first time being vocal on my platform and since we’re on the subject of platforms, Shout out to all of the Artists that took the time to send me some of that great music as I’m currently working on a few scheduled programming. I’m considering putting together a low-fi/ interview Wednesdays so if you’re an independent talent or musician and would like to be interviewed send me an email or call in, we have a local number  for the Las Vegas metro area. I also do have international calling via skype and we also use zoom for our interviews so there’s no barrier of entry on my end for anyone that would like their voice to be heard internationally. Shout out to my Italians I have some music coming in from Italy, Shout to Indonesia slash Malaysia slash everyone in that region they seem to enjoy more of a dance edm rave atmosphere shout out to Bankrolly coming out of Turkey. Special Special  Special  Special  shout out to the promotional staff at Sony, Columbia and Verdiko I’ve been receiving emails on a consistent basis I just have to work on my organization I mean it’s already there I just have to stand on it and so forth they seem to be doing a great job in my opinion as far as the promotional services they provide to both industry and independent Artist I highly recommend you check them out at and don’t be afraid to spend or better yet invest in yourself or whatever talent  you’ve been afforded the privilege of discovering and the courage to pursue it. All my current and prospective listeners stay tuned in I got music coming up from POLO G 24k Goldn remember as much as I want you to stay tuned in don’t forget to click on the buy or learn more link on our radio station it will either take you to their instagram or their official store so you can follow that Artist or purchase their music remember I’m or better yet we I do have a team now are in the business of educating and connecting the average everyday consumer with businesses in their local community and it starts with great music and social media you’re tuned in to BatalP ii - social media marketing radio.