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Welcome to the lord Ceo Muk Show Podcast Audio & Music Review. The purpose of our audio and music review is to promote what we would consider to be good audio quality. Our audio and music review will be based on a variety of factors, since we are heavily involved in the production of instrumentals, the mixing and mastering of vocals and the streaming of audio. One of the very first elements we should take into consideration as consumers of audio, music included music the instrumental production. We as consumers view this as the main attraction, with a focus on the mood it puts us in as listeners. The second element I take into consideration is the chorus, the hook or repetitive message. The hook or repetitive message is where the creator, attempts to actually brand the audio. in combination with what they want you to remember and what I would consider to be the open message. Here is where we should pay close attention to the mixing and mastering quality, which should blend in seamlessly with the beat, like white on rice or paint on a wall. My next area of focus when it comes to a music review is the flow. I tend to be very analytical when it comes to the flow. I also look for the moral of the story in between verses. As consumers we should also pay close attention to how well the Artist keep pace with the instrumental in their bars. Now here comes the challenge, the hard part. After being put into a trance by the instrumental, an open consistent message on the hook, plus the moral of the story in between verses, We meaning consumers, i can fairly admit, have gathered enough information to make a decision to buy. A fair decision when it comes to the music is vital to the Artist. This song Mr. Officer is a featured track on our radio playlist and is available on Spotify, our radio station and of course and the Lord Ceo Muk Show Podcast. This track can also be heard every Sunday during our Ragga Sundae regularly scheduled programming.

Audio review packages - Currently if you believe your audio track is something that would be a suitable fit for our regularly scheduled programming create an account on The Lord Ceo Muk Show Business to Consumer audio stream and send us an email preferable zip file to our customer service business email of this audio in mp3 format only. If we agree with your judgment we will treat your audio as a paid customer and feature it all across our networks and applicable social media platforms. Currently we are openly accepting audio in a variety of genres for music review on a donation basis only. Contact our radio station host and account manager.