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The main goal behind a social media post is to relay short content or messages, to an exclusive audience or a niche market.

The main goal behind a social media post is to relay short content or messages, to an exclusive audience or a niche market. Social media posts can appear in a variety of different formats such as, text, images, video links and audio uploads. According to a survey taken by statista, when it comes to engaging your audience the following social media posts format should captivate a certain percentage of your audience.
1. Short-form video (66%)
2. Images (61%)
3. Live video (37%)
4. GIFs memes (32%)
5. Text posts (32%)
6. User-generated content (26%)
7. Long-form video (24%)

Short form videos, similar to tik tok and Instagram reels, is approximately five to ninety seconds by duration. The science behind short videos is to captivated the average everyday consumer’s short attention span, in a short period of time. This is truly affective since social media by design, taking into consideration your competitors, you only have a short period of time to captivate the consumer. Best believe your competitor is posting and making great use of newsfeeds.

When it comes to images, the most popular format on social media today is jpeg or png. Jpeg offers a background behind the artwork while png supports a transparent or clear background. The png format is normally used and quite suitable for logos and banners, while jpeg, with it’s interchangeable background characteristics can create pretty healthy colorful posts that sends a clear message to the consumer and can inspire them to want learn more.

Live streaming is when your video is presented over the internet in real-time without being recorded or stored. When it comes to social media lingo this procedure is considered to be going live. The go live feature, even though it is prevalent on our business network, designed to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community globally, has it’s advantages and fair share of disadvantages. One of the major benefits of using our going live feature is it provides the opportunity to reach a wider audience while physical events has limited space, going live provide the opportunity to accommodate an unlimited number of guests. The downside to going live is there are no edits, no do overs with no room for errors.

Gifs and memes are still relevant in social media marketing today and should not be ignored. They are both similar in nature in purpose but is quite different in formatting. Gifs are animated with movement while mems are static. Gifs are very useful and a lot shorter than videos. It makes them a little more powerful than still images. Gifs are also shareable, smaller and easier to load than videos and is most likely going to be shared by other viewers. While there is no single formatting when it comes to memes, they provide light entertainment for your audience and is considered a powerful tool for political subversion, social influence, light expressions and connecting with other users.